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22 января 2011

1. Лоуз, Хьюберт
2. Список произведений

Самые известные его композиции:

  • What Do You Think Of This World Now?
  • Let Her Go
  • No More
  • A Strange Girl
  • Shades Of Light


The Laws of Jazz
Flute By-Laws
Law's Cause
Crying Song
The Rite of Spring
Wild Flower
Morning Star
At Carnegie Hall
In the Beginning
Chicago Theme
Romeo & Juliet
Then There Was Light, Vol. 1
Then There Was Light, Vol. 2
The San Francisco Concert
Land of Passion
All day rhythm
Say It with Silence
California Suite
How to Beat the High Cost of Living
Make It Last
New Earth Sonata
Flute Suites
The Best of Hubert Laws
My Time Will Come
Storm Then the Calm
Remembers The Unforgettable Nat King Cole
Baila Cinderella
Plays Bach for Barone & Baker
I Love My Daddy
Amazing Grace
Plays French Classics in Memory of Jean Pierre Rampal
Flute Adaptations of Rachmaninov & Barber

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