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23 января 2011

1. Гомельская, Юлия Александровна
2. Награды
3. Сочинения, написанные по заказу

  • the ballet Jane Eyre for the London Children's Ballet which received its first performance at the Wimbledon Theatre in May 1997;
  • From the Bottom of the Soul string quartet for the Spitalfields Festival 1997 for the Yggdrasil Quartet;
  • Waiting for British mezzo-soprano Sarah Walker and Malcolm Martineau for the Wigmore Hall 1997/98 season in London;
  • The Divine Sarah opera-scene for British mezzo-soprano Sarah Walker for the Mayfield Festival 2000;
  • Zig-Net-Zag for the Ensemble Klangheimlich for the concert programmes for 1999 in Berne and Zurich;
  • Seven Touches for piano for Franziska Rieder, 2000;
  • The Riot for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama wind orchestra by BASBWE Education Trust for the British Music Academies Festival 2001;
  • Out of Gravitation for Amaltea Ensemble;
  • The hint only... for Mario Caroli for Spaziomusica Festival 2003;
  • Winter Pastoral for Vox Vocal Quartet;
  • My sister-night for Amaltea Ensemble.
  • Through Crystals of Gothic Mozaic for Amaltea Ensemble;
  • Strimpellata-Sounds Chamber Symphony for La Strimpellata Ensemble.
  • ukRAINian BALLAD for Franziska Welti and Leo Bachmann.
  • Flashbacks Of a Tired Popstar for Rupert Bergmann.
  • Writing to Onegin. One More Try for Franziska Welti and Moritz Mulenbach.

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